Portfolio and competences

We manage and develop software and hardware by ourselves and in collaboration with our partners (subcontractors)
  • Available resources:

- Micro-controller based applications, prototype and series production

- Software development: Windows, Linux (Flash, Adobe Air, MS .NET Framework, MS VB)

- Device manufacturing: electronics assembling, series production, development, prototype manufacturing, design

- Metal works: laser cutting, CNC sheet metal bending, AWI and inverter welding, CNC punching, milling

- Powder coating, painting, galvanizing

- Third party manufactured kiosk assembling (outsourcing)

  • Main development areas:

- Outdoor and indoor ticketing kiosk, payment kiosk
- Kiosks intended for: travelling tickets, cinema tickets, catering tickets, e-registration, other payments
- Payment kiosks with cash handling (change giving, cash recycling), credit cards applications

  • Alternatives for cash payments: event card handling, loyalty card management systems
  • Kiosk solutions for free or paid internet and computer use
  • Information kiosks, advertisement kiosks
  • Queue management system for health centres, public offices, banks

Utilized technologies and tools:

  • touchscreen
  • industrial keyboard
  • company image design
  • RFID, NFC, NFC+ cards
  • barcode based solutions
  • remote monitoring systems
  • various payment device handling

Our service area covers (site installation, maintenance):

  • Hungary, Austria, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, UK, Tunisia, Algeria, Ireland

We can also send our products to any other countries! (container or grouped transportation, courier or postal services)