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Car Wash Payment System


Car wash pay station

Pay station for complete payment solution and remote monitoring of self-service car washes

World first! Our proprietary system solves many of the problems that have arisen in the operation of a self-service car wash:


  • No more change problems and no more need for a money changer
  • No need for a token vending machine, no token costs
  • No need to collect tokens from the car wash bays, no need to empty the cash
  • Both banknote and credit card payments are possible, so there is no longer any need to limit the purchase to coins and tokens
  • Your customers can invoice their purchases in a self-service way, so you don't have to
  • Buy a QR code ticket with tokens and cash for all car wash equipment from a single central payment machine
  • Conveniently monitor your self-service car wash's operation and revenue, including cash register fullness and ticket paper consumption, from the comfort of your home
  • No need to register all car wash stations with TAX authorities, just the central pay station
  • Our system's pay stations are prepared for the integration of a tax module, so if TAX office later requires these systems to be connected online, we can solve this task for you by installing a simple and cost-effective expansion unit
  • Our QR code payment solution can be retrofitted while retaining the existing token or coin-operated washing stations as an alternative
  • You can already implement this system in your new car wash
  • Cash emptying is done in a closed system (taking out the full cash box and putting the empty one back in) so that an authorised person can empty the cash without having access to the contents of the cash box. You can control the emptying process remotely.
  • Using a laptop or tablet, you can track all the purchase information that happens in your car wash from anywhere in the world
  • The system will send you an e-mail message (to up to 3 addresses of your choice) if the printer paper roll runs out, if there is any malfunction in the system (coin/banknote jams) or if the coin or banknote compartment is full (all this can be monitored remotely).

How it works:

  • Customers can buy QR code coupons at the central cash desk
  • The purchase can be made with coins, banknotes or credit cards
  • By entering the tax number, they can request an invoice for the purchase on request (This allows for a pass system for corporate customers)
  • The QR code coupon and invoice (if requested) will then be printed
  • With the printed coupon, the customer can start the equipment with the QR code reader unit installed on the washing stations and other equipment.
  • One scan deducts one unit from the customer's balance.
  • The unused units can be used later at any time up to the date you specify, so the ticket is similar like a top-up based season ticket solution.
  • If the buyer takes a picture of the ticket with their mobile phone, he can continue to use the car wash from his screen.
  • You can also create a NAME ONLY service voucher for your employees or for your own use, which gives you free use of all the car wash facilities. These uses can be tracked and logged from home as an operator in the remote control system.
  • You can also print and retrieve revenue statements remotely.

Our first three reference carwashes have already been completed and will be in operation with great success in Hungary from April 2021. Contact us and we will give you the addresses of the reference sites where you can see our system in operation.

Frequently asked questions about the system:

Can I fit this system to my existing car wash, no matter how long ago it was built? - YES!

Can you only deliver the system with a pay station to be built into the wall of a container or building? - NO! We can also install our solution as a stand-alone pay station cabinet.

How long does it take to install the system? - The complete installation can be completed in 1-2 days, but the washing machine operation should not be suspended for more than 3-4 hours in total.

How many devices can be operated with a QR code reader? - The system can handle up to 18 devices per site, which is plenty to cover the needs.

What do I need to provide for the installation? - You will need: an Internet connection, and cabling (strung) of the washing stations and other devices via a shielded (CAT6 UTP) LAN cable or alarm/camera cable.

What to do if my customer loses his QR code ticket or the ticket is destroyed? - Of course, but only the remaining "credits" from the reprinted ticket that have not been used up to that point can be used.

The payment machine is not too complicated to operate, will average people be able to use it? - The machine’s software is designed to guide the customer step by step through the payment process, using a voice prompt. The system is easy to learn for everyone from 6 years old to 90 years old.

Can the system also transmit telemetry data to the remote monitoring system? - We will start developing the functionality to transmit telemetry data and related alerts in Q4 2022, which will be available as an additional service from January 2023. This will include the following functions: detergents, soft water outage forecast, boiler operation feedback, current status of washing stations, temperature data, consumables consumption statistics, etc.

We are looking for distributors for our system all around the world!

For more details, please contact us!