Ticket Vending Machine Refurbishment


Sustainability in our industry: Refurbishing service and retro fit kits for ticket vending machines, payment kiosks

Automated payment machine and ticket machine renovation

If you already have a ticket vending machine or any other unsupervised automated payment machine, it may not be necessary to buy a new one! Our company offers full renovation of automated machines for a fraction of the cost of new ones while expanding their operational lifespan by another 5 to 10 years. The only conditions are that the machine cabinet must not be heavily damaged or corroded, and its locking device still operates reliably.

Further details...

Steps and details of renovation:

The most common cases where the renovation (replacement) of automated machines becomes inevitable:

  • The operator, citing an intermittent parts supply, starts to invoice increasingly higher maintenance and operational fees or cannot guarantee the steady operation of the machines. Overflooding complaints from clients and lengthy out-of-service periods.
  • Support ceases for one or more spare parts or the entire machine (EOL* product or component) *EOL=End Of Life
  • Introduction of further payment methods would be necessary, but the machine is not deemed capable in its current state. (e.g. payment by credit card upgrade)
  • The machine would need to be updated with further remote monitoring functions for cost-effective purposes (e.g. real-time monitoring and measuring of paper roll supplies, income, cash register content, or cash float stock).
  • The machine needs maintenance even before 2,500 completed transactions. (Indeed, not even many brand-new machines can boast such numbers, but with our help now it can be achieved.

The main phases of transformation and renovation:

  • External and internal cleaning
  • Re-decaling (normally the front of the machine)
  • Renovation, cleaning, and repair, if applicable, of cash-accepting units (replacement of unsupported products are excluded from the basic price).
  • Reprogramming and calibration of cash-accepting units for currency in circulation.
  • Complete replacement of control units.
  • Replacement of printer units (they may be kept, provided the brand is reliable and still subject to support from the manufacturer).
  • Instalment of touch screen or replacement of faulty items.
  • New user, operational, and developer documentation (may have never been issued yet).
  • New interface with open-source software for the newly-installed control units (*)

(*) The new software interface (midware) allows the owner of the machine to implement self-management software and a new back-office system over the course of 2–3 months. Our company takes it upon itself to carry out these tasks with highly favourable terms. With the introduction of this interface module, the machines will no longer be dependent upon the manufacturer, the “black box”, and with it, a state of vulnerability would cease for the owner.

The transformation of the machines allows them to be linked to the online platform of the tax authority’s system (as necessary), while enabling self-serve invoicing of paid products and services.

Machine types we have already successfully transformed: Ticket vending machines for public transport, Ticket validators, and parking machines in public spaces.

Manufacturers of machine types successfully transformed: Swarco, Seidt & Bachmann, Höft & Wessel (Metric), and many popular Hungarian brands (request more information).

How much is it to renovate a machine?

Based on experience, the renovation costs of lower-value machines are in the range of 50 % of their current market price. For higher-value machines these numbers are more favourable, mounting to 20–30 % of their current market price. The more machines are ordered to be renovated, the more favourable the unit price become. The 70% of associated costs do not arise in these renovation projects, such as installing pedestals onto new machines, the removal and disposal of old machines, procurement of installation plans and permits, etc.

After their transformation and renovation, the operation costs of the machines are also significantly reduced, increasing their cost-effectiveness. And thanks to their improved serviceability, the machines yield an upswing in both client satisfaction and revenue.

Do you prefer to make on-site installation of payment kiosk retro-fit kits? We also have a solution!

Regardless of the manufacturer we can adjust and upgrade older ticket vending machines even in the field. Following redesign we convert and renew them on-site using operational hardware with minimum manufacturer support where possible. Regardless of the manufacturer we offer on-site refurbishment of used ticket vending machines with complete replacement of components and electronic controls.