Kiosk based and coin operated solutions

Coin operated timer

Coin or banknote operated timer box

Recommended in the following applications:

  • washing machine
  • dryer
  • oven, microwave
  • computer
  • television
  • control complete electricity of rooms
  • playground, tennis court and football field’s lights
  • (infra)sauna
  • videogame
  • high pressure washer


  • it can be installed into walls or can be in a separate metal box
  • the box can be mounted onto the operated device or wall hanging.
  • powder coated steel or stainless steel
  • it can be decorated to suit any application
Electrical parameters:
  • 230V max. 1,5A with a magnetic switch up to 20A (also 3 phases)
  • It is possible with the device to switch Pc’s Usb ports, so keyboard, mouse, webcam will switch off after the time runs out
  • The timer can be operated with coins, notes, tokens or the combination of these
  • The timer has a built in mechanic counter
  • The timing mechanism can be set to different intervals
  • During operation more coins can be inserted, the amount will add to the previous time limit

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