Kiosk based and coin operated solutions

Unattended teller kiosk


Automated teller machines and automated teller solutions, partially supervised and unsupervised automated teller machines

1st Variation: The cashier is present as the operator, but the cash is handled in a closed system by the automated teller (Credit card option).

2nd Variation: the cashier/operator deals with the customer through an audio or video device and payment is handled by the automated teller.

3rd Variation: the client scans their receipt using the machine and then pays the amount on the bill or any other receipt (Cash/Credit card)

Automated payment and withdrawal machines to ensure the automation of customer service tills

- Automated, unsupervised tills (Possibly optimised for cash transfer services, with the option to load and unload in a closed system)

· Development and integration of complete solutions into existing marketing and financial systems

· Implementation of solutions that are in accordance with the law and NAV regulations

· Cash and/or credit card, magnetic card, Paypass handling

· RFID, NFC, Proximity, etc. (subscription or loyalty) card handling

· Barcode, Qr code handling

· Returning the change in coins or notes (with scalable capacity)

· Remotely accessible and observable, alerts in SMS and e-mail, online monitoring

· Continuous operation of our complete systems, 24-hour supervision and operation, dispatch service

· Outdoor and indoor variations

· OEM solutions

· Implementation of unique designs by preparing projects, management, and all-round guidance.

Attention: Outside of Hungary we mostly accept orders from resellers. We do not have an international service network therefore we are looking for customers who can ensure the operation of our products based on the documentation and maintenance training we provide.